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Your Coffee = Convenience + Compassion + Community


I truly believe that every single RoastMore drop of coffee carries the promise of convenience, compassion, and community.


Pull up a chair. Pour a cup. Linger a little. We want to revitalize the art of face-to-face community with our great coffee. Our hope is that you will not only grab a cup on the way out the door before work but that you will make time to invite a neighbor or a friend and take time to connect and reconnect. We’re all for less online presence and more real-time connection.


Coffee delivered at your doorstep. We deliver your order on your doorstep in the Delafield area. You can choose how often you want the order to be refilled according to your household’s unique needs.

Veteran Memorial Service


We donate part of our proceeds to support causes close to our hearts. You can enjoy a great cup of coffee while knowing that with every sip you are making an impact on these great charities.


Semper Fi Fund 

Dedicated to providing urgently needed resources and support for combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.


Partnership for Drug-Free-Kids

Supporting the whole family as they address every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery.


Wildlife in Need Center

Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and care of injured, diseased, or orphaned indigenous wildlife, and the subsequent return of healthy viable animals to appropriate habitats in the wild. WINC’s education department and volunteers currently provide on average 160 programs for classrooms, youth groups, civic, and community organizations annually.

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