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My Story


My Story



My name is Bernu. I started my first real business when I was twelve years old.. I remember when I was four years old I had a lemonade stand and made $20. Then when I was nine, I sold brownies and got around $50. When I turned ten I started a lawn care service over the summer and made $500. Now I’m here to start a real business. I’m so glad you stopped by. At RoastMore, LLC we aim to not only supply you with great coffee, but we also want to uphold our core principals. Convenience. Compassion. Community


Two more fun facts you need to know about me, first, I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and second, I am a PADI certified diver. 


Welcome to RoastMore!


Be More,


Bernu J. Vermeulen

Contact Us

Cell: 414-737 2016 (Dad)

Cell: 262-744 4996 (Mom)

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